Many marketed and clinical stage biotherapeutics have sub-optimal, incomplete glycosylation patterns, rendering them vulnerable to rapid clearance from circulation and resulting in the need for frequent patient dosing via injections or IV and potentially impacting compliance as well as efficacy.  In addition, incomplete and variable glycosylation reduces manufacturing predictability and consistency, contributing to the high cost of manufacture.  Safety can also be affected, for example by increased immunogenicity when the glycans are metabolically incomplete.

The company is developing novel methodologies to greatly enhance or otherwise control glycosylation and sialylation in a highly cost-effective manner.  Our GlycoMax™ and GlycoOpt™ technologies can enable optimization of the final glycosylation pattern of a biotherapeutic to meet specific criteria, whether the goal is:

- To confer a significant improvement and/or new functionality to an existing or novel molecule  (and create a biobetter or bionovel), whether it be improved half-life, reduced immunogenicity, greater cytotoxicity, or other properties of interest. 

- To more closely mimic a particular glycosylation pattern in order to manufacture a biosimilar that can meet regulatory criteria for approval in specific markets.

The approach has the advantage of reducing the likelihood of safety issues often linked with other half-life extension technologies, and may even reduce adverse events associated with current bio-blockbusters by producing improved versions with reduced immunogenicity.

Our technology also has the potential to greatly reduce manufacturing costs by creating an opportunity to utilize cell lines with a much higher productivity, with subsequent optimization of the protein on a post-recovery basis.  An additional benefit of this strategy is the reduction of process development timelines.

Pyranose Bio is currently undergoing in vitro and in vivo validation of the technology with a leading marketed biotherapeutic, and is developing a proprietary biobetter and bionovel pipeline.